Monday, February 09, 2009

There is more to FTTH than triple play

Services over FTTH is about a lot more than the triple play, as is shown in this presentation (slide 17). I wonder what Benoit is going to come up with next week, in Copenhagen. I recommend anyone with some time on their hands to go to the FTTH Council conference.

In the meantime, two things caught my eye. Remember, FTTH has two basic issues to deal with: cost and bandwidth. As to the latter: What on earth are people going to do with all of that?

First, taken from this article: "Verizon is building its service strategy around four pillars -- entertainment, productivity, communications, monitoring and controls." Videoconferencing, security and remote energy management are coming.

Second, how about 'financial management'? The financial industry is shaking and will be looking out for new business models itself. The initial step is online banking 1.0. It has caught my eye that numerous banks in the Netherlands are launching all sorts of online brands. Lean, mean and clean, so to speak. Check out the list. All the big ones are there, except ING (which, inside sources tell me, is preparing a big market push, without any sub-brands):
  • Rabobank: (loans), (insurance), (real estate), (SME banking)
  • ABN Amro: (mortgages), (full concept)
  • Fortis: (insurance)
  • APG: (savings, loans, insurance)
  • DSB:,,, (loans)
  • NIBC: (savings)
  • Allianz: (car insurance)
Let's wait for banking 2.0 to become part of services provided over broadband.

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