Friday, October 08, 2004

In addition to yesterday's post on search: by Google:
Personalisation (in beta as of March 29, '04) through a user profile consisting of a set of preferences. by Google:
Localisation through a double search box, the second for location details (US only). by Yahoo!:
Introduced October 3rd, after having been in beta since August 3rd. Works about the same way. by Yahoo!:
Yahoo!'s personalisation effort. Recently restiled, RSS-feeds added. (Google is rumored to be working on adding an Atom feed for Gmail users). owned by Idealab:
Launched October 6. Merges search (from LookSmart, Gigablast, Open Directory and Snap) with comparison shopping (from Ranking based on 'Snap Rank' (by user satisfaction (measured by conversion rate), site popularity, amount of paying advertisers).

And then there is the other stuff:
JotSpot (Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer) uses wiki technology to consolidate & share information.
Blinkx enables control & management of desktop information (including e-mail and web documents).
MSN recruted bloggers for a 2-day event ('Search Champs') to test new search features.

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