Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FTTH Update - growing in the Netherlands, Denmark (and Italy)

More exciting FTTH developments. My cyberbuddy in Italy, Stefano Quintarelli, is making waves with his 'Fibra che ride' ('Fiber that laughs') initiative through his blog. He is an industry insider pushing the economic importance of FTTH.

In the Netherlands, it's Reggefiber again that is making waves - on actual deployments. In the towns of Geldrop-Mierlo, where 16k homes were connected, 56% (9k homes) took up the 60 EUR/mo service. Not much less than what either KPN or UPC charges, which makes it all the more remarkable. Reggefiber states it needs a 50% take rate to be profitable. And they are expanding to nearby towns. The target is 50-80k subs in 2 years.

Finally, Cisco and HP are helping Danish utilities launch service.

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