Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Update on FTTH

070829: Truckee (Cal) plans network (15,500 homes/businesses, > $15.5m), with 180 Network Services
070902: Verizon 'FiOS' trials 100 Mbps
070903: CityNet (GNA (= Amsterdam, 5 housing corps, ING, Reggefiber) phase 1 on track (40k homes, EUR 30m) for completion mid 2008, with Draka Comteq and Van den Berg Infrastructuren
070903: Iliad ('Free') plans launch of service (TV (2 sets, >100 channels), 100/50 Mbps, free calls for 30 EUR/mo) in 2 Paris districts mid Sep 2007
070903: Lafayette RfP for building equipment housing comes in above budget
070904: Orange Slovensko (FT) launches network ($40m to cover 200k households in 2007) in Slovakia: BB (12/1 Mbps for 600 SKK/mo, 30/2 Mbps for 720 SKK/mo, 60/4 Mbps for 1190 SKK/mo), TV (from 360 SKK/mo), calls (480 SKK/mo incl 100 minutes)
070906: 22 CLECs (XO, Cavalier, RCN et al) ask FCC for open access to Verizon's FiOS
070906: Tellabs launches indoor ONT (for active ethernet)
070906: Telefonica plans network for 50 Mbps capability
070907: El Dorado Golf & Beach Club (gated community in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico; = Discovery Land Co) ordered network from ERF Wireless, X Analogue Comms, $2m, to be completed mid Sep 2007
070911: Sipperec (86 Paris municipalities) plans FTTP network 'Sequantic' (EPON 802.3ah, up to 1 Gbps), with Spie Comms, Wave7, to launch Oct 2007 to 6500k businesses in 147 areas
070911: Reggefiber plans network in Valkenswaard, with NEM Brabant
070911: Telstra plans network to greenfield (Rouse Hill, Sydney) from early 2008
070911: Telus plans trial fall 2007 - mid 2008 (1k subs in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Quebec)
070914: Embarq plans FTTP network in Portofino (267 homes in Clayton, NC)
070916: Monticello (Minn) plans network, referendum Sep 18 2007 (65% needed)
070917: China Telecom plans network in Wuhan, with Fiberhome Telecomm Tech
070918: Telenor orders gear from AlcaLu for greenfields, GPON (also FTTN + VDSL)
070918: UK government considers ultra-fast BB 'intervention', discussion with Ofcom and BT Nov/Dec 2007
070920: Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN; = City Telecom; operates FTTB) plans FTTH network 'FiberHome', 48.50 $/mo for 100 Mbps, 88 $/mo for 200 Mbps, 215 $/mo for 1 Gbps
070922: Oxford Networks plans FTTP in downtown Bangor and Brewer (Maine), $4m
070924: Cisco launches active ethernet CPE gear for FTT-MDU
070924: Wien Energie Wienstrom (= Vienna) orders gear from PacketFront (network and home gateway systems); active ethernet; Phase 1: 50k homes, EUR 10m
070925: North Kansas City launches 'liNKCity' ($8m)
070926: Ofcom launches consultation on NGA, until Dec 5 2007
070927: St Paul (Minnesota) City Council approves network plan, $150-200m
071001: Iliad ('Free') plans network in Valenciennes 08Q2
071001: STA (Andorra) plans FTTP network, with Wave7, Telindus (= Belgacom) and Cisco, to launch 08Q1, nationwide 09Q2

Look at the data (and previous posts) for several interesting developments since my last update. See also the recent flurry of press releases in the wake of the ongoing FTTH Conference & Expo in Florida.

What stands out most to me: Orange's expansion into Slovakia, Telefonica's stealthy expansion, Telus and Embarq tipping their toes, and of course Vienna, Hong Kong (and Andorra!) moving forward. Look at Telindus, the Belgacom subsidiary, that is leveraging its skills in the Andorra project (looks pretty much like BT leveraging its 21CN skills).

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