Thursday, January 10, 2008

BT's Ebbsfleet project needs some work

A short follow-up to my earlier post on the BT project in Ebbsfleet. A couple of Communications Breakdown MUVRs (mega ueber value readers, pronounce MOVERs - thanks James) reported:
  • Keith McMahon mailed me about the project back in July.
  • Dirk van der Woude adds some pricing details from one of his own MUVRs (also see the Guardian). Ebbsfleet could be less than spectacular. The top tier product is asymmetrical (e.g. 100/2 Mb/s) at a rather expensive price point (530 GBP/yr = 707 EUR/yr ex VAT at the wholesale level). Compare that to Iliad/Free's famous 30 EUR/mo = 360 EUR/yr (at the retail level). Dirk also adds 'his own' tariffs, at Citynet in Amsterdam: 20/20 Mbps for 300 EUR/yr (retail, incl VAT) in the first two years.


Anonymous said...

Here in Sweden the price for a 25/25 (symmetrical) ftth-network, is often about 210 EURO/year (and very often the price per month is even lower the first 3-6 month becouse of campagne-prices!). Not bad at al :)

For exempel you can look at the prices in Västerås/MälarNetCity citynet:(

To translate from swedish crones (SKR) to EURO, just take the swedish price and divide it with 9.41 (and then you will have i in EURO).
For an exempel: ABC Bredband (10/10 Mbit/s) costs 145 SKR/month. Divide it with 9.41, and the price is about 15 EURO/month ( = 180 EURO/year for a 10 Mbit/s symmetrical broadband).

Anonymous said...

Agree in principle - however Vasteras and a number of prominant FTTH networks in Sweden are Telco/Utility owned and these guys take a different view. That said - the BT costs are high and it can be done cheaper - even with a P2P Ethernet network.....which is the technically superior solution etc