Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Teleworking steadily progresses

Ernst & Young in the Netherlands published its new bimonthly 'ICT Barometer'. This is the result of an online survey among 600 managers and professionals across several industries.
Some more or less remarkable developments stand out:
  • Teleworking is rising, but slowly. This will continue, esp. in large companies and in industrial sectors.
  • Teleworking is valued higher by managers (over professionals), in the services idustries (over government, trade and industrial sectors), in SoHo companies (over SMEs and large companies) and by older workers (over younger ones).
  • Efficiency of teleworking is higher (than working in an office) across all sectors and company sizes.
  • The stated benefits of teleworking include: efficiency and avoiding traffic congestion.
  • Those preferring the office cite these reasons: the nature of the job, direct contact with colleagues, company culture, separating work from personal life, lack of facilities.

Obviously, not all work will migrate from the office to the home, but we haven't seen the end yet. One bottleneck, a lack of facilities, will be addressed by the roll out of FTTH networks.

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