Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deutsche Telekom leads: the crisis is kicking in

Deutsche Telekom published preliminary results for the 09Q1 quarter. Results were due May 7 (which is now set for full results), which implies that management had something meaningful to disclose that couldn't wait another two weeks.

The US, the UK and Poland apparently are the cause of the recent deterioration. Less travel means fewer roaming revenues. Calling minutes in the US declined by a whopping 8%. And T-Mobile UK will take an impairment charge.

Is the telco industry immune to the crisis? I don't think so, but it kicks in with a 2 year delay.

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Sammael99 said...

And incidentally, DT was probably not the healthiest horse to begin with.

That said, BT already had a profit warning on GS a few months back, didn't they ?