Thursday, September 10, 2009

ECI Telecom trials DSM L3

Short follow-up on this post (DSM increase's xDSL's reach). DSM L3 is trialed by ECI Telecom at 3 European telcos to extend the reach and performance of VDSL. This could be a way to deploy VDSL2 from the Central Office, where existing ADSL2+ DSLAMs can simply be replaced, instead of from the cabinet. Effectively, with DSM you don't need to do FTTC to extend fiber from the CO to the cabinet.

The strategy pits Tele2 (VDSL2 from the CO) against KPN (VDSL2 from the street cabinet). Tele2 obviously has a much cheaper strategy and can truely regard it a solid interim strategy before starting to unbundle FTTH.