Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I am not on Facebook

Zadie Smith contributed an opinion piece in a local newspaper on Facebook. And I couldn't agree more. Meanwhile, greater fools are piling on. Here are her main points:

  • Software by nature isn't objective but reflects the intentions of its designer. Social networks reduce life/people to a database.
  • Social networking contact is by nature very shallow. Facebook encourages people to contact as many 'friends' as they possibly can.
  • Facebook encourages people to give up on their privacy. It encourages you to copy whatever your friends read, or watch, or eat.
  • It encourages people to 'like' as much as they can. Is there anything more stupid than the 'Like' button?
In short, it's all about making choices - not meaningful choices, but buying decisions. Every aspect is designed to aid advertisers to reach their dreamed-of demographic.

Facebook also reflects Mark Zuckerberg, from his favorite color (blue - he is red/green color blind) and 'poking' people (which is what people like he do) to trivia (the 'essence' of friendship).

You won't find Zadie on Facebook, but you will find her via email or Skype.

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