Friday, January 18, 2013

What we like about Google

There are many things to like about Google. We grouped them around three themes:
  • Advertsing-based business model:
    • It implies drawing people to its services, i.e. making great products and services.
    • The risk of this model is to be focussed on the masses and producing more of the same, but there appears to be plenty of room for 'the long tail'.
    • Open platforms such as Android (Chrome, Widevine, WebP, Dart), allowing for all sorts of cooperations (incl. competitors), with Google only interested in advertising.
  • Invests for the long term:
    • R&D: plenty of that plus Google[X] (imaginative projects) and Google Ventures. Provides no guidance to Wall Street, i.e. demands the freedom to have a long-term strategy. Hires great scientists, such as Vint Cerf and Ray Kurzweil.
    • Access networks (FTTH, WiFi, satellite).
    • Green energy
  • Be good:
    • Motto: don't be evil.
    • (investments and donations)
    • The company is also good to its employees.
    • Green energy investments.
    • Funding (with Clean Power Finance) for solar panel buyers.
    • Book preservation through Google Books.
    • Free WiFi projects.

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