Monday, May 13, 2019

Google I/O 2019: highlights

  • Focus on privacy.
  • Launches AI Impact Challenge ($25M)
  • Demos Project Euphonia (understand the speech-impaired)
  • Improves Google Assistant (10x faster, to be added to Waze)
  • Expands Duplex to web (assistant for making restaurant or hairdresser reservations)
  • Improves Lens & adds to Google Maps
  • Passes 2.5b active devices
  • Launches Android Q (beta #3; incl Project Mainline: deliver important code changes to specific internal OS components directly from Google Play)
  • Plans parental controls
  • Adds Live Caption for real-time subtitles
  • Works with Qualcomm on API improvement for 5G

Android TV
  • Enables one-click subscribing
  • Reaches 140 pay-TV operator integrations, 60% of smart TV manufacturers uses Android TV, total 1k content providers & 5k apps.
  • Launches Pixel 3a (5.6 inch, $400) & 3a XL (6 inch, $480), Nest Hub Max (10 inch screen, video camera, $230)
  • Considers foldable device
  • Rebrands Home Hub to Nest Hub (drops price to $130, expands to 12 more countries)
  • To add AR to Google Maps (for Pixel users)
  • Google Search results in 3D AR
  • Adds incognito mode to Google Maps
  • To add podcasts

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