Monday, November 08, 2004

IPTV: comparing Akimbo Systems and DaveTV
Internet-to-tv download systems
To be sure: other systems include TiVo/Netflix, Starz/RealNetworks, CinemaNow, Movielink, RipeTV, TimeshiftTV (Broadband Networks), MovieBeam (Disney), SBC/EchoStar, Verizon/DirecTV,, Microsoft Media Center, etc.
  • Akimbo was launched in October, Dave is introduced November 15
  • The Akimbo service requires a $230 box (80 GB hard drive), Dave's software is available for free download (Dave will introduce a box next year)
  • Akimbo charges 10 $/mo (or $200 for lifetime) plus some premium channels and PpV, DaveTV only uses the PpV model
  • Both services supply an EPG
  • Akimbo is ad-free, Dave uses targeted ads
  • As to content: Akimbo specifically targets niche content and signed up 60 providers so far, Dave also aims at the large video music market; in due course both aspire to offer regular Hollywood content; Akimbo has a trial with TBS for CNN, TCM, Cartoon Network, etc. content

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