Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Telecoms, Media and Internet Digests

Highlights from last week in:

Lots of M&A activity, regulatory actions.
News from Vyyo (cable broadband) and Agilent (cellular mesh networking).
AT&T and Embarq/Sprint jumping on the muniwifi bandwagon.
WiMAX and IPTV developments.

Internet: and Google into financial services.
Web 2.0 is alive again.
The FCC, AT&T, Qwest and Disney on Net Neutrality.

Open access news: in STM publishing, music distribution (iTunes) and TV sports programming.
Please make up your mind: do you want cellphones in movietheaters (for interactive games) or not (would you please shut up).
Video distribution: to PCs, the TV or to portable players.

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