Sunday, May 14, 2006

DIGESTS://Telecoms, Internet, Media: April 25 - May 12

  • Vodafone could be bidding for Vivendi to take control of SFR, which in turn is interested in a larger Neuf Cegetel stake. Also, Vodafone will probably hang on to Arcor and may be going after MTS. Selling the Verizon Wireless stake could be as early as next week. In short, a pan-European convergence operator coming? Look out for the May 30 announcement.
  • Roaming deals in the UK, the EU, the US.


  • eBay expanding its auction territory right up to Google's.
  • Click fraud: no cheap settlement for Google?
  • Web 2.0 at Google and MSN.


  • Internet-to-TV: Brightcove + TiVo or simply a new Sharp BB set. And a new service.
  • Open Access to research to be demanded from federal US agencies.
  • After the NYT relaunched its site with a paper-look font, it now plans an on-screen reader from Microsoft. An unusual step, for a company that seems to understand the digital world. It wants to hang on to the look-and-feel of the print edition.

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