Friday, May 12, 2006

OBSERVATION://Build or buy web apps

Two of Google's 4 new products raise the company's profile in Web 2.0 applications: Google Co-op (shared search) and Google Notebook (shared bookmarking).

Co-op sounds a lot like the Eurekster Swickis (I created one too), Rollyo and Plum.
Notebook (to be launched next week) of course reminds of Yahoo!'s, LookSmart's Furl, Spurl, Rojo or Wink.
So far Yahoo! was the champion of Web 2.0, but Google is getting closer. As usual, it remains to be seen how popular and user-friendly these services are, and if they will ever leave beta.

With so many alternatives around, one can wonder: why build instead of buy? To keep engineers busy? To tie the new apps into the existing ones?
I suppose existing services either demanded too much money from Google, or their technological lead was too narrow and only offered a limited time-to-market advantage.

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