Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lyse Tele adds WiFi/GSM to its FTTH offering

The disruptive FTTH operator Lyse Tele (owned by Lyse Energi) teams with Comverse and Cicero to add mobile, effectively producing the quad play.

It includes wVoIP (the CiceroPhone client - not UMA but SIP based) and seamless WiFi/GSM roaming (voice only, mind you). At home, calls will be routed via WiFi to the BB connection. Outside the home, mobile will be ordinary GSM calls (Lyse doesn't own a 2/3G network), and usage will be limited to certain handsets, I presume.

I think the offering is interesting for 3 reasons.

(1) Cicero's seamlessness is a cool piece of tech, that (2) allows Lyse to offer wVoIP (basically for cheaper calls when in range of a free hotspot), without having to team with a mobile operator. (3) Users only need a single number. I am not sure how this would work out for existing Lyse subscribers, who already have two numbers (one Lyse, one mobile). Perhaps they can now drop the Lyse number.

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