Thursday, June 21, 2007

Network operators give limited clarity

Network separation as well as sharing are gaining momentum, but several operators provide limited clarity on their long-term strategies.
  • Sprint Nextel: having several networks (iDEN for P2T, CDMA for voice and data) already, it is ready to add WiMAX (for 4G) to the mix. The iDEN networks needs investments for maintaining a certain quality level, while the CDMA network is being upgraded continuously (Rev A, B, C). The company appears to be looking for a partner in WiMAX. Will all networks converge one day?
  • Deutsche Telekom: outside Germany and Eastern Europe (where it owns PTTs), the company has a mobile-only strategy (with WiFi). However, buying Orange NL would add an LLU operator. OK, that can be sold on, but to whom?
  • France Telecom: selling Orange NL makes sense, given weak market positions in both wireless and LLU. However, the company owns many wireless operators and yesterday added Austria. So far, triple play offerings are limited to France, Poland, the UK and Spain (as well as fixed/BB in several smaller countries). What about the mobile-only operations, like Austria - will they add LLL or BB?


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