Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fiber diet restored

Upon returning from the my vacation, I had to wade through some 2k emails. Mostly newsletters, from which not very much interesting at all stood out. But there were a few notable highlights:
  • The Fibre Ring. Not only did Costas relocate to a different host, James Enck returned and embraced FTTH. Of course, I added him to the Fibre Ring (right hand column, way down). Now, I'm not the only member to be unemployed.
  • CSI Internet. On my holiday, I did some catching up reading my newspaper (in Dutch, subscription). There was an interview with Henk van Ess, who is an authority in the search world (Google itself links to his site. His book will be out next year, cleverly titled CSI Internet. Expect some buzz around it, because Henk is an expert on privacy and security. People leave many traces on the net, while browsing, searching and socializing.
  • FTTH. I haven't quite put together a list of stock performances (as I sort of promised), but I have a feeling KPN's share price not at all responded very negatively to their embracing both FTTH and Open Access. That is quite good news for the fiber guys!
  • Metaphor. No responses at all to my call for solving the metaphor riddle. How the hell can 'My Cousing Vinny' be a metaphor for FTTH? I suppose, only in my twisted mind. So, I will take the prize myself for worst metaphor in the history of bad metaphors. O yes, here it is:
The prosecution in this movie (or a different legal thriller?) focuses on the horror of the crime (much like FTTH aficionados focus on the benefits of FTTH), although it really should focus on the question: was the defendant the one who actually did this? (In the FTTH conundrum the question must be: will FTTH deliver a good return?)

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