Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Telco TV: in search of a strategy

Here are some follow-ups to my previous posts. Telco TV is the one common theme.

1. The P2P/net neutrality/broadband incentive problem
A valued reader and analyst at a major research firm pointed me to a solution out of it.

To put it in my own words:
Why not sell a portion of your bandwidth and reserve the rest for your own services? This way, you may sell e.g. 10 Mb/s (best effort) for 30 EUR/mo, and keep the rest for your own www and IPTV services.
I'm not exactly sure where the rub could be. To me it is interesting to see how telcos can learn from cablecos (as I pointed out before), because this is exactly what cablecos are doing: they sell BB, but keep most of the available spectrum for their own broadcast offering.

2. Blog roll
Here are some interesting recent posts out of the Fibre Ring:

Stephen Davies: white papers.
Rudolf van der Berg: on streaming video.
Stefano Quintarelli: on separation.
Kai Seim: on PAN, LAN and WAN (cool graph).

3. Video
There seems to be coming some urgency to the telco TV market.

KPN is raising the price of DTT (in this Opinion piece on Telecompaper.nl it is revealed that probably 1 in 10 of KPN's TV subs is on IPTV, the rest on DTT; 50-60k IPTV subs is far above what I personally had in mind), while HanseNet (the Telecom Italia subsidiary in Germany) is making basic IPTV free of charge (marketing talk of course: for 30 EUR/mo you now get a triple play, which used to be 40).

4. Poll
I intend to do a poll on structural separation.

The one problem I have is this: I have some trouble getting into the heart and mind of an incumbent. Who is willing to play devil's advocate and tell me why structural separation is such a "bad thing"? You can take the above link to Stefano's blog as a starting point.

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