Thursday, October 30, 2008

SMS: more innovations

We have reported before on innovative SMS services. Here are some recent additions:
  • SMS with Attachments: a text message is sent, after which the phone rings and a multimedia message is played. Launched by China Unicom and China Mobile (technology from NMS Communications, built by ChannelSoft).
  • Voice over SMS: short audio messages. To be launched by both Comium (in Liberia and Sierra Leone; technology from Apliman Technologies) and Comcel (in Haiti, technology from Kirusa).
  • Ads over SMS: pushing location-based ads. Launched by StarHub in Singapore.
  • Payments over SMS: Launched by Rabo Mobiel (a Dutch MVNO on the KPN network).


cynthia said...

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Paul Sweeney said...

I think Zong is interesting in that it uses Premium SMS a a payments tool on social networks and related 2.0 services. Also, our own company VoiceSage ( allows you to use SMS, Premium SMS, and Voice to support a business process (often called CEBP, Communications Enabled Business Processes). The core of the idea is that you don't charge for the message but for the business value that better co-ordination and communication with your customers delivers. I am told by people very familiar with SMS that our approach is truly innovative.