Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mysteries around KPN's FTTH trials disolved

Here's a short follow-up to some questions around KPN's success in an early FTTH deployment, mentioned in my previous post.
  • ARPU = EUR 58 seemed low relative to the 65, 80 and 110 triple play packages KPN offers. The answer to the mystery is embarrassingly simple: ARPU numbers exclude VAT.
  • 2x5 towns refers not only to 5 FTTH projects, but to 5 FTTC (+ VDSL) trial projects as well, as mentioned in the Q3 report. I'm quite confident that KPN won't go with FTTC.
  • 16% penetration refers to the number of activated homes as a percentage of the homes connected (which is a number not much below the homes passed number). Here it becomes apparent that KPN has a much easier up-sell than Reggefiber. KPN can simply offer a migration with very little risk of service interruption. Reggefiber, as a stand-alone unit, has to compete with existing offerings from KPN and cable. Hence, Reggefiber's strategy to assure itself of some 40% sign-ups in advance.

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