Friday, May 29, 2009

FTTP raises Xfone's ARPU to USD 175 (from USD 75)

From a recent Xfone press release:
FTTP is a key profitability driver for our Company and we believe there are significant opportunities for our services in select communities. Our ability to provide a voice, video and data "triple play" offering attracts customers who, because they are subscribing to three services rather than one, generate higher monthly revenue per customer. For example, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), at March 31, 2009 for our non-FTTP U.S. customers approximated $75 per month, while ARPU for residential FTTP customers exceeded $175 per month with business FTTP customers exceeding $300 per month. Furthermore, these customers tend to stay; monthly business and residential FTTP had an attrition rate of approximately just 1% and 1.7%, respectively during the quarter.

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