Thursday, May 28, 2009

IBM launches stimulus fund for smart infrastructure

In theory, the business case for FTTH (and the like) is improving. Total cost of ownership is being reduced continually, broadband demand and traffic are growing, the cost of waiting is increasing, etc.

Again, in theory that should attract investors. Obviously, the crisis, a lack of regulatory clarity and the enormous amount of legacy assets still work against it.

All in all, it is pleasing to see IBM devote a $5bn fund to 'smart infrastructure investments' worldwide. Some corroboration of theory, at last.

In Europe and Asia-Pacific that could entail things like "Smart Grid, Health Information Technology and Smart Transportation", available to municipalities and businesses (a subtle endorsement of government involvement).

This ties nicely into more related news:
  • In New Zealand, one country among several in the region working toward FTTH, it has been noticed.
  • Optimum Lightpath is launching an Interactive Patient Care service for hospitals. It takes little imagination to see this extended 'to the home', as Orange seems to be thinking.
  • 3-D as a driver of FTTH is gaining momentum. There is talk of standardisation (also for a version sans lunettes) broadcasting is 3-D is starting to happen (Spain, US) and Futuresource is expecting a rapid take-up.

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