Thursday, August 25, 2011

KPN's iTV Online is best described by what it is not

KPN's iTV Online app for laptop or iPad, although very sleek and simple to use, can best be described by what it is NOT:

1. TV Everywhere: access is restricted to in and around the home.

2. Companion screen: it is a second screen, but it doesn't complement whatever is watched on TV.

3. Connected TV: instead of bringing broadband content to the TV, all it does is liberate TV content from the big screen. It moves in the opposite direction.

Much has to do with rights holders. What is interesting is that it challenges the premise of connected TV: not all content needs to be seen on the best & biggest screen. And it's a bit embarrasing to the cable sector in that KPN beat them in bringing live TV to the second screen.

Read the full review here (in Dutch).

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