Monday, September 05, 2011

Come meet the Fiber Ring: October 12 in The Hague

Our next conference, Broadband 2011, is taking shape. In fact, just a single slot is pending. The program is quite interesting. It contains international speakers and has execs from several real-world initiatives, as well as from start-ups. It is light on incumbents and heavy on challengers. Focus is on rural FTTH and cloud services.

Block 1: General introduction/Rural fiber
In-home contributions from our CEO and Coastas Troulos, who needs no introduction. Costas will talk about the NBN in Australia. Rabobank will talk about financing rural fiber.

Block 2: Broadband in the UK: City versus rural
We will have Gary Mesch from CityFibre, Lindsey Annison from B4RN and Jelcer, which has the sewer link.

Block 3: Broadband challengers in NL
LomboXnet is a live network in Utrecht. GlasOperator is a dedicated layer 2 active operator and we are anxious to hear what Online, the unbundler owned by T-Mobile NL, has to announce.

Block 4: Cloud services
Enterprise (Eurofiber), consumer (Microsoft) and security (F-Secure) focus.

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