Sunday, April 21, 2013

KPN: preview to 13Q1 results (April 23)

KPN's 13Q1 results are due April 23, before the market opens.

Looking back to the 12Q4 results:
  • Weakened results.
  • Rights issue announced.
  • NL: market share broadband 40%, longer term 45%, market share mobile >40%, 'leading' on the Business/ICT market; overall stabilisation toward 2014; EBITDA margin mid term 40-45%.
  • Germany: long-term market share 20%, margin 30-35%; 2013 margin down.
  • Belgium: long-term market share 25%, margin 25-30%.
  • Overall 2013: capex EUR 2.3bn, dividend 3 c/share, net debt/EBITDA toward 2.0-2.5.
  • Overall 2014: dividend 3 c/share
  • Beyond 2014: consolidation Reggefiber not before 14H2, capex cumulative 2013-2015 EUR 7bn (incl. Reggefiber).
Market consensus 13Q1:
  • Revenue EUR 2.95bn.
  • EBITDA EUR 1.00bn.
  • Net income EUR 310m.
Recent issues:
  • The results for 2011 and 2012 have been slightly restated to account for IAS 19 and for the splitting up of Corporate Market (formerly Getronics) - most migrates to Business, the rest continues as IT Solutions (data centers, consulting services, workspace solutions).
  • The Reggefiber takeovers (approved April 2012) and the Reggeborgh takeovers (approved October 2012) create an unequal comparison basis. Same for the sale of Getronics International (May 2012).
  • When will the rest of RoutIT be bought (KPN acquired 12.5% in September 2012).
  • During 13Q1 the 4G-licenses were paid for (EUR 1.35bn).
  • Rights issue EUR 3bn was approved and will follow after the 13Q1 results. EUR 2bn in hybrid bonds was already raised.
  • What will the cooperation with America Movil (29.8%) lead to?
  • According to fresh market rumors, E-Plus and O2 Germany are working toward some form of network sharing.
  • Fixed network outsourcing to Alcatel-Lucent. KPN Business sold a maintenance unit.
New markets:
  • LTE and DC-HSPA services in NL.
  • Partnered with FON in NL.
  • Mobile network for Alliander (energy grid operator).
  • Quad play in NL (KPN Compleet).
  • Triple play in Belgium (SNOW).
  • Accenture is now developing IPTV for KPN (taking over from NSN).
Other issues:
  • How are the results developing, especially in mobile? Can guidance be maintained?
  • How is the DSL market doing? What was the effect of the winter on Reggefiber?
  • Will the EUR 3bn rights issue suffice, or does the leverage need to be reduced further?

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