Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Twitter IPO is about innovation, advertising, Big Data and growth

Twitter's IPO is about a number of issues:

  • Innovation. The service should not grow old with its user base. There has been some innovation recently (DM among non-followers, previews). It could use innovation to compete with Facebook, Instagram (via Vine), WhatsApp. The trouble is that Twitter by nature is a simple service, and hence innovation is more or less ruled out. Same as Netflix. (However, Netflix has passed a point of no return where it is quickly becoming too large to be overtaken by any competitor.)
  • Advertising. So far, we have seen few formats (3), but when Google acquired YouTube, markets were equally skeptic over options to expand advertising on YouTube. Further, Twitter acquired MoPub.
  • Big Data. Twitter sits on a ton of data. Apparently, tweets about TV shows make Twitter especially interesting to TV advertisers.
  • Growth. Can Twitter accelerate?

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