Monday, February 10, 2014

Announcements to be expected for the Dutch market

What's up for 2014 in NL?
  • KPN starts to roll out vectored VDSL from February 2014 to 2.1m HP. FTTH to roll out to 250k HP more to a total of almost 2m. There supposedly is a trial of LTE Broadcast and from April FON will be integrated. A new CFO will be appointed. E-Plus will be sold, Reggefiber will be consolidated and America Movil will probably sell its stake.
  • Tele2 is rolling out its LTE network, but will probably launch in 2015. Plans are to unbundle FTTH, not with a time-frame. A new CEO will be appointed.
  • Vodafone is also set to unbundle FTTH and appears to be closer than Tele2. It will appoint a new MD for Vodafone Business.
  • T-Mobile will appoint a new CEO.
  • UPC will launch the Horizon Phone app.
  • Ziggo will probably launch a similar app. It remains to be seen what the next step in mobile will be.
  • NPO will launch NPO Plus, a paid version (better quality, fewer ads) of its catch-up service.
  • NPO, RTL and SBS will launch NLziet, bringing together their respective catch-up services (extended and non-free).

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