Friday, July 22, 2005

Broadband: high growth (except in South Korea)

Some highlights from the Point Topic report 'World Broadband Statistics: Q1 2005' (requires free registration):

  • DSL grew by 10.4%, cable modem & other by 5.0%.
  • DSL now counts for a total of 107m lines, 65% of the total 164m lines.
  • Cable remains dominant in the US and Canada, but DSL grew faster.
  • Overall Turkey showed the highest growth of the number of broadband lines (37%).
  • The saturated South Korean market grew its lines by only 1.4%, and the number of DSL lines actually declined (by 0.7%).
  • In Germany, the market is strongly dominated by DSL, and cable declined from an already low level by 53%.
  • In the Netherlands, cable modem broadband growth narrowly outpaced DSL growth (10.9% vs. 10.3%), thereby regaining some market share.

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