Friday, July 01, 2005

My July diary

Taking a much needed break, first half of July. This is what I will miss, including the start of the reporting season:

  • Turk Telekom auction (55%) winner to be announced (July 1)
  • OPTA publishes market analysis for VoIP in the Netherlands (early July)
  • KPN conference call on fixed division restucturing (July 6, 10:00)
  • Vivendi Universal Investor & Analyst meeting, Paris (July 6, 15:00)
  • Wegener: deadline for EC inquiry into PCM alliance (July 7)
  • Fox (News Corp): movie release 'Fantastic Four' (July 8)
  • KPN: lock-up on 14% state holding expires (week of July 11)
  • Sprint Nextel: AGM decides on merger (July 13)
  • Arbitron publishes a roll-out schedule for the Portable People Meter (in conjunction with VNU?) (July)
  • AOL relaunches as a free portal (July)
  • Village Roadshow (Time Warner): movie release 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (July 15)
  • Croatia decides on decides on fourth mobile license (mid July)
  • 10th anniversary + release 'Harry Potter 6' (Bloomsbury/Scholastic) (July 16)
  • Italian regulator rules on new MTA tariff cuts (July 19)
  • Always On Innovation Summit, Stanford University (July 19)
  • Yahoo! Q2 (July 19 after market closes)
  • Cingular (SBC/BellSouth) Q2 (July 20 before market opens)
  • eBay Q2 (July 20 after market closes)
  • SBC Q2 (July 21 before market opens)
  • BellSouth Q2 (July 25 before market opens)
  • Q2 (July 26 after market closes)
  • Reuters Q2 + strategy update (July 26 before market opens)
  • Verizon Q2 (July 26 before market opens)
  • Telecom Italia H1 (July 26 after market closes)
  • Thomson Corp Q2 (July 27 before market opens)
  • Reed Elsevier H1 (July 28 before market opens)
  • Vivendi Universal Q2 (July 28 before market opens)

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