Thursday, February 09, 2006

Now the DoJ can monitor what you are reading

NewspaperDirect launches Reading Map technology, in order to 'monitor the exact amount of time each reader spends reading their chosen newspaper, down to a space roughly the size of a postage stamp'. 'An analysis report provides details on the most-read sections, most popular articles, highest-viewed photographs and advertisements, most-read pages -- all vital pieces of information for understanding readership and ultimately the value of specific sections and pages to advertisers.' 'We are currently working on tools to answer questions such as 'which sections do women read the most,' 'how old are the most avid readers of the international section,' and 'do readers in the USA spend more time in the travel section than in Europe.''

So now the DoJ can demand data from whomever uses the technology in order to identify all sorts of would-be criminals, just the way they asked Google to come up with records.

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