Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Video distribution: technology divergence

Look at this harvest of video distribution technology and content developements of recent days. No convergence here.

· Disney: plans TV-show downloads at ABC.com with ads
· MovieBeam (Disney) relaunches in 29 cities, starts HD movie delivery, movies from 6 studios (not Sony), Linksys (Cisco) box $200 + $30 activation fee, $5 for new HD movie, $4 for new SD, $3 for older HD, $2 for older SD
· CBS: adds Showtime Networks content to iTunes videostore, 2 $/show
· Brightcove: order from New York Times: distribution of video content on NYT sites and affiliate sites
· Sling Media: Hercules Technology Growth Capital joined previously announced $46.6m funding; launches PAL version of Slingbox 06Q2; works on Mac version (previously announced)
· ATEME (video compression technology) attracts EUR4m funding from XAnge and Ventech
· Blinkx will develop player for ITN and includes ITN content in searchable database
· Sony sets wholesale price of Blu-ray DVDs at $23.45 for new films (aimed at 15-20% premium to traditional DVDs), $18 for catalog, first to be released early summer
· AT&T claims MPEG-4 patents, warns Apple, CyberLink, DivX, InterVideo, Sonic Solutions for unlicensed use
· NTL teams with BitTorrent and Cachelogic for trial of high-speed video delivery in UK
· Opera includes BitTorrent (search) into preview version Opera 9 browser
· IPWireless and MobiTV collaborate, combining unicast with multicast (TDtv), MobiTV will develop H.264 player, IPWireless expects commercial TDtv roll-outs mid 2007
· MobiTV teams with NBC for Winter Olympics content
· Verizon Wireless trials two-tier service (lower tariff for service with ads)
· Nokia plans pilot in Indonesia with Elang Mahkota Teknologi Group 06H2
· Philips launches solution (BGT215 chip) for DVB-H handsets
· Virgin plans launch ‘Virgin Mobile TV’ mid 2006 on DAB network from BT (with Microsoft)
· TIM plans launch June 2006

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