Wednesday, July 05, 2006

FTTH://Lijbrandt is going full steam ahead

Lijbrandt Telecom (huh?) is apparently doing well. This privately funded FTTH player in the west of the Netherlands is ordering HD IPTV STBs from Amino for deployments in 'Northern Europe'.

For all I know, Lijbrandt was established in 2002 by a former Casema exec and started in Haarlem. The company offers service in the nearby towns of Hillegom and Lisse. By now they have invested EUR 150-200m and aim for 120k subs in 3 years. Lijbrandt uses the kadaka label: 'kastje dat alles kan', which translates into something like: 'box that does it all'.

The rates are very competitive, at 45 EUR/mo for the triple play. Still, 120k subs is ambitious. Hillegom and Lisse have a combined 42k inhabitants, so they have something up their sleeve. Haarlem itself could be next.

Also: Paris is still on track for munifiber (80% coverage by 2010) and plans muniwifi from 2007.

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