Thursday, July 13, 2006

STRATEGY SHIFT://AOL could replace Yahoo! and partner with Comcast

Much has been said about the new AOL strategy (August 2), but one element did not get the attention I believe it deserved: alliances with cablecos and telcos. This could be big for two reasons:
  • Potentially bad news for Yahoo!, which has similar deals with Verizon, AT&T etc. Yahoo! was able to squeeze itself in at Verizon, at the cost of Microsoft. Now Yahoo! could be pushed out.
  • When Google bought 5% of AOL (which in itself makes the strategy shift relevant for Google too), Comcast was rumoured to be part of the talks. At the time, I speculated the cableco could approach AOL's dial-up subs, offering them not only 'cheap' broadband, but keeping their email addresses and clients as well. Plus: AOL could do for Comcast what Yahoo! is currently doing for AT&T et al.

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