Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Expanding the network business up & down

An MSO (Vigcom in Krimpen, NL) and an FTTH operator (OBR in Rotterdam NL) are starting a field trial of UCD's 'Daily Media' set-top box. The box will bring together both the video feed and internet-based video (comparable to AT&T's 2Wire box).

This way, the network operator, which already has upstream deals for its video feed, can expand this side by adding internet-based video. The latter will not directly bring in revenues, but indirectly (i.e. advertising): the box will be sold through retail partners, who will have their brand exclusively put forward on the user interface.

At the same time, downstream partners (UCD and any retailers) are added.

For UCD (United Content Distributors) itself, there are "28 different potential revenue models for the service, which include revenue-sharing of video-on-demand offerings or video subscription services."


  • The above terminology I used is a reference to STL's 'two-sided business model', that they are making waves with.
  • Maybe the box could also bring together a DTT signal, such as KPN's Digitenne service, and internet-based video.
  • I wish I could count to 28.

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