Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vermont: FTTH at 'Free' price level

Another munifiber project launched, ValleyFiber. This time it's in Vermont - apparently triggered by Verizon's sale of the incumbent network. A 'non-recourse 15 year capital lease' with an 'outside private financier', along with pre-registrations, is targeted in order to avoid a municipal bond.

The project plans a Fall 2009 launch, an 8 Mb/s symmetrical BB connection (not terribly ambitious, but hey: this is the land where 200 kb/s is defined as 'broadband'), and a triple play service from a minimum of 50 $/mo (cutting in half comparable offers).
Interestingly, at current dollar prices (1.54 against the euro), this comes close to the famous 30 EUR/mo level that made Iliad's Free such a success (at first over their proprietary 28 Mb/s DSL equipment, and increasingly over fiber).

Timothy Nulty heads the effort. I suppose this bodes well: he made Burlington Telecom (see link in the right hand column) a success.

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