Thursday, May 22, 2008

KPN buys stake in Dutch FTTH pureplay Reggefiber

This new comes as hardly a surprise to my readers: Dick Wessels wants an exit from Reggefiber (albeit somewhat early) and KPN is hoovering up another competitor. The question remains: what will the NMa (the Dutch FTC) say about it, even if it is 'only' a minority stake (with a call option). Getting the takeover of Tiscali NL approved was not so easy, I believe.

A smart move by KPN.
  • A truly future-proof network.
  • Who needs two (or more) FTTH connections?
  • Leap ahead of the cash-strapped cable industry (mainly UPC and Ziggo).
  • Possibility for separation, in order to maximize the value and maybe even attract state funding for the passive network part.
  • Hoovering up even more (munifiber) would effectively mean re-monopolization of the Dutch market. Another argument in favor of separation.

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