Thursday, May 29, 2008

Solving the internet's problems

Three very diverse articles, with one communality: how to solve internet related trouble.
  • Bob Lefsetz on Zappos and the relevance (to the music industry) of it's $1,000 bonus for employees who quit.
  • Geoff Daily on the exaflood, the broadband incentive problem, 'field of dreams' and South Korea.
  • A press release from Zeugma Systems for its new router "... giving broadband service providers (BSPs) a platform that is truly limitless in its potential to support new services." (...) "The future relevance and competitiveness of broadband providers is dependent on their ability to quickly develop and deploy new services—today's value creation and value add is largely in services, and not in the capacity and pipes to deliver such services. The ZSN is the first of a new breed of service delivery routers and could be a game changer."

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