Monday, May 05, 2008

Mobile Broadband

There is a lot going on in mobile broadband. I plan to cover that over the next few weeks. But first, off on hoilday for a week.

Some issues:
  • Enablers: IP (i.e. 4G), VAS (such as LBS and payments for consumers, full access through laptop cards for workers), data tariffs coming down. Is the data over service revenues fianally taking off (settling above 20% at AT&T, Verizon and KPN)?
  • Per IP: the Broadband Incentive Problem.
  • MTA: comparing minutes of use in Europe and the US reveals that there is a lot of price elasticity.
  • Fixed line replacement? (think 16d)
  • Outsourcing, network sharing and separation to further lower costs.
  • New entrants: Nokia, Apple, Google, Yahoo!
  • Offloading (that's whta it is, no more!): mobile TV, femtocells.
  • 4G Standards war: LTE, WiMAX (and Gaiacomm?).


Anonymous said...

Tim you are overlooking a fact.
WiMAX is a 3G-standard (IMT-2000 to be precise) and not a 4G, what LTE is planned to become.

There are far too many people living in the marketing based world than in the reality based world and claim the term 4G for their pet technology. Any real scrutiny resolves their tech is nothing less or more than a 3G variety.

Wonda Joseph said...

There is obviously a growing interest in this area. This site has some quite interesting market research on 3G and Wimax