Friday, November 14, 2008

Axia NetMedia: take a look

Axia NetMedia reported Q3 results. They are leading the OpenNet consortium (with SingTel and a number of local firms) that won the NetCo business (passive fiber network) for the Singapore FTTH network (NGNBBN, if you will).

Axia takes care of planning, designing and operating open access broadband networks. It's a pretty small company, but it has some reasonable growth, positive earnings, no long-term debt and a pile of cash.

Some interesting points from the release:
  • Axia is also qualified to respond to the second RfP, to build the active layer (OpCo). The network is supposed to be full open access and vertically/structurally separated. I suppose the government deal with these conditions by limiting anybody to a maximum of 30% consortium share. Submissions are due December, the winner will be selected during 09Q1.
  • Axia also intends to bid for the NBN in Australia. Responses are due November 26 and the government has 8 weeks to select the winner. Axia expects to respond during 09Q2.
  • Axia has 4 proposals oustanding in France. Decisions are expected by the end of this year.

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