Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The battle of the ISPs

Yesterday at my new employer an interesting newsbit was commented on by one of my colleagues (it's in Dutch, so sink your teeth in it, or alternatively try to get through this Google translation). Quite interesting, how ISPs have the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the rest by providing higher quality IP video streams. Of course, the question remains if ISPs have sufficient pricing power (industry sources tell me ISPs typically pay 3 c/month/channel/subscriber for most digital channels, but as much as 37 cents for the catch-up channel Uitzendinggemist).

Whatever the case is, there seems to be yet another opportunity for Daily Media (the PC-to-TV set-top box company, full coverage here). Working with national TV and joining forces with Daily Media, ISPs could be distributors of the Daily Media box and make everybody happy in the process.

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