Sunday, March 22, 2009

ISPs meet MLTA

Here is a link between two recent posts.
  • MLTA (multi-level TV advertising): This is not like the Red Button (interactive commercials). Who watches TV to see commercials? Right, nobody! People watch TV to see TV shows. The box (Daily Media) and the software (Dynacast) combined create a split screen reality, offering viewers a much more immersive TV experience, with information, sharing, communication and, last but not least, highly targeted advertising. And all of that via the remote control. Hence the term: Zapping 2.0.
  • ISP differentiation: Video may come to the rescue of ISPs trying to differentiate (the flat fee business model is killing them, remember?). They could strike a deal with content providers (YouTube, catch-up TV) to provide subscribers with enhanced picture quality as part of a premium subscription.
The link: ISPs could team up with Daily Media for a host of applications, plus MLTA.

The situation is becoming worse for ISPs offering their services over FTTH: how to justify a premium price when all you have to offer is a triple play? If the ISP teams up with Daily Media/Dynacast, interactive TV could very well become a driver of FTTH.

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