Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping time for eBay

At its recent analyst day, eBay laid out plans for all its units: MarketPlaces, PayPal and Skype.
PayPal and Skype combined are targeted to equal the MarketPlaces business in terms of revenues by 2011 (up from 35% of eBay in 2008). Skype should double its revenues almost to $1bn in 2011 (from $551 in 2008). Skype's margin must be grown to 18-20% (from 11% in 2008). PayPal too has has for doubling revenues and restoring margins to the 18-20% range.

An interesting part of the statement was that eBay now targets the secondary market, estimated to be worth $500bn worldwide, including liquidation inventory.

Now, coincidentally I ran into just the site that eBay could single out for an offer: Troostwijk. The company was founded in 1930 and they are just the place to go if you are looking to fill your newly acquired real estate. I have no financials, but somebody registering and tracking what's going on for a while, could get a pretty clear picture of the value of the merchandise passing hands on the site. And the interesting thing is: such auctions deliver the auctioneer a hefty 16% fee, with not too much risk and a self-explanatory web site.

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