Friday, March 20, 2009

NGA news: Australia, Virgin Media and 3-D

Hot news:
  • Australia NBN: Acacia is the front runner, rumour has it. It will bring along Leighton Holdings, the owner of both a backbone and a maintenance unit. Acacia is backed by wealthy individuals, an important asset today, including: Doug Campbell, Solomon Lew, Doug Shears, Paul Bassat, Andrew Bassat, Matthew Rockman, Steven Skala, Leon Kempler, Lawrence Paratz.
  • Open acces to cable broadband: Sky is trying to open up rival Virgin Media. That would introduce unbundling in the cable domain (as it will at TDC Cable), i.e.: regulatory symmetry. Virgin Media doesn't have nationwide coverage (as BT does), but I fail to see what that has to do with it. It's about consumer choice and regulatory symmetry.
  • 3-D: A nice overview in this Wall Street Journal article. Jeffrey Katzenberg estimates that 3-D will enable movie owners to raise ticket prices by $2-5.

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