Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medici.tv: Live streaming classical music

The people at Atanar Technologies have been able to create a stunning streaming service of classical live concerts - not requiring a particularly fat pipe at all. It's called Medici.tv and has some wonderful (live) content. Check out this Berliner Philharmoniker concert under Simon Rattle: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, the 'Rakh 3' (with Yefim Bronfman) and a Sacre in the rain.

(Have you seen the Grooveshark player in the right hand column of this blog? Poor guys have been sued!)


Summermusicontheshannon said...

Greetings from Summer Music on the Shannon, Limerick.
I found you while researching an article on live video streaming of classical music. I wanted to find out how far the practice had got, so as to be able to put our efforts in context.
You look like a leader in the field, so far.
I look forward to linking with you and spreading the message that you can look here to see the future.
With best wishes,
Paul O'Mahony (Cork)

damien wetzel said...

Fot those who likes classical music
http://www.medici.tv is broadcasting twice a day in live the verbier festival in switzerland with people like lang lang,
helene grimaud, thomas quastoff, etc ..
Paul: if you are interrested by the
system under the broadcasting, you can contact me http://www.atanar.com

Classical Music Concert Listings said...

Thanks for this I have been looking for good classical music streams. Cheers!