Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singapore FTTH is ahead of schedule

Singapore is moving ahead of schedule in rolling-out FTTH (NGNBN), under the iN2015 banner.
  • In-building work starts in September. It is free for those who signed up and will take four hours. During the first month, 56k homes and 1k businesses will be wired. At the end of 2010, 60% coverage will be reached.
  • Activation and commercial service is set to be launched sometime during H1 of 2010.
It remains to be seen how competition will develop. Currently, there are 46 service providers, but on the NGNBN there will just be a single operator, rolling out mostly GPON (some p2p to businesses). It all depends on margins; smaller margins means becoming an operator might be necessary. But new operators will not be eligible for the SID 250m subsidy that Nucleas Connect (StarHub) receives. And with 46 SP's margins will likely not be fat.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read. Curious about the 46 service providers, what's your source of this number?