Friday, February 19, 2010

Google Fiber: Update #3

New developements regarding the four basic specs of Google's OA FTTH trial plan:

  1. Technology. Gordon Cook presented his latest Cook Report (Building A national Knowledge Infrastructure - How Dutch Pragmatism nurtures a 21st Century Economy), which draws on SURFnet's mission in the Dutch science sector and beyond, as innovation is its mission. I recently spoke with the newly appointed CTO about SURFnet's hybrid optical network. Would Google be interested in these new developments?
  2. Bandwidth. Shaw Communications, an MSO in Canada, is planning FTTH for new appartment buildings, providing up to 1 Gb/s, which is rapidly becoming the new standard.
  3. Cities. Facebook holds dozens of grassroots plans. Communities that have expressed interest so far include: Seattle, San Francisco, UTOPIA (16 towns, 500k pops), Somerville (Mass), Austin (Tex), Columbia (Missouri), Winston-Salem (NC), Fayette County (Georgia), Hawaii, Duluth (Minnesota), Madison (Wisconsin), Pittsburgh, Portland (Ore), Bellingham (Wash), Muskegon (Mich), Raleigh (NC), Durham (NC), Auburn (Alabama), New York State, Chapel Hill (NC), Carrboro (NC). More initiatives at: Grand Rapids (Mich), Kirksville (Missouri), etc.
  4. Open access. See ETI's report in the previous post.

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