Monday, February 15, 2010

Second thoughts on Google's open access FTTH plans

The dust hasn't even begun to settle, but here are some 'second thoughts' on Google's FTTH project.
  • Topology/technology. Looks like point-to-point, but who knows what Google will come up with, and who the suppliers will be.
  • Bandwidth. 1 Gb/s is quickly becoming a new benchmark.
  • Cities. I suppose towns that unsuccessfully ran munifiber attempts in the past are most likely to be included. Possibly Palo Alto - and Seattle has already enlisted.
  • Open access. Apparently, Google has no plans to become an ISP or include voice or video; it wants to build just an IP data pipe. This raises lots of obvious questions. It looks like a huge bet on over-the-top (OTT) for all services. FTTH would be the last step, combining all previous efforts into voice (Google Voice), video (YouTube) and other applications. And it looks like YouTube is only just beginning to provide video-based content. Also: imagine a traditional triple play provider seeking access to the network ....

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