Monday, February 01, 2010

Open access coming to another HFC operator

CAI Harderwijk, one of the nation's 26 or so cable companies, has decided to open up to third-party ISPs. In the Dutch cable sector, this is not quite the first time; Kabel Noord has UPC and Ziggo as service providers. And Ziggo provides services over several non-owned private networks. CAI Harderwijk itself offers voice and internet services form CAIW, another small MSO. But now, an FTTH-focused ISP will launch services on CAI Harderwijk's HFC network: Solcon - which had a few conditions of its own: high-speed symmetrical bandwidths and full fiberisation of the network.

Obviously, we need some answers on how CAI Harderwijk is tackling these issues. On their website, they claim to offer symmetrical services, which should be possible through channel bonding, of up to 100 Mb/s. It's a Dutch first.

Here is another rift in the cable ranks, normally quite outspoken against both FTTH and open access (OA). It will be interesting to see how the cable lobby group NLkabel will respond. After all, CAI Harderwijk and Kabel Noord are both members.

IMHO: the question is not if, but when Liberty Global will adopt FTTH and Ziggo will adopt OA.

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