Saturday, March 06, 2010

Google Fiber, update #5

Cities: Since the previous update, many more cities have sought publicity over Google's fiber plan:
  • In California (Merced, Ventua, Chico, Rancho Cucamonga), Massachusetts (Newburyport, Brookline, Fitchburg), Wisconsin (Superior, Appleton), New York (Tompkins County, Rochester), Michigan (Lansing, Flint), New Jersey (Jersey City, Montclair).
  • As well as Lehi (Utah), Burlington (Vt), Huntsville (Ala), Twin Ports (Minn), Palm Bay (Fla), Quincy (Ill), Des Moines (Iowa), Johnson City (Tenn), Prince George (Wash), Omaha/Council Bluffs (Nebr/Iowa), Columbia (Missouri), Bristol (CT), Asheville (NC).
Open access: Telecom NZ's former CEO, Theresa Gattung, has written a book on the events leading up to her departure in 2007, after the government forced separation between network (Chorus) and services. It will be published by Random House March 12. I wonder what went wrong there ....

Name changes: The Topeka Golden Giants changed their name to Google Golden Giants for the month of March. And the city itself wants to be known as Google, Kansas, for the same period. Sarasota (Fla) wouldn't stay behind and renamed City Island Google Island. Rancho Cucamonga (see above) finally is also in for a name change: Rancho Googlemonga.

Background stories: The subject is picking up steam, running up to the March 26 closing date for applications. See Ars Technica, Business Week.

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